Democracy and Data Dissemination: The Effect of Political Regime on Transparency

Co-authored with B. Peter Rosendorff.

    Abstract: Are democracies more transparent than other types of political regimes? The answer to this question is often assumed to be yes. Yet the logic and empirical implications behind this assertion have not been rigorously tested. We investigate theoretically the willingness of policymakers to provide credible announcements of intended inflation and unemployment rates, and show that the availability (or absence) of that data is correlated with regime type, even after controlling for level of development and country-specific effects. We further show that democracies are more willing to report data on a variety of other economic and social indicators. Democracies are indeed more transparent.
To download this paper in PDF, click here.
To download the version presented at the LASA 06 Conference, with a focus on Latin America, click here.

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