James Raymond Vreeland's Endorsements

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Jensen, Nathan M. 2006. Nation-States and the Multinational Corporation: A Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

"With this book, Nathan Jensen offers new and exciting research on the political economy of foreign direct investment (FDI). Rich both in theory and in empirical evidence, this excellent work has far-reaching implications for political science and economics alike. Jensen argues that FDI does not simply go to countries with low taxes, but rather to countries with specific political institutions that provide credible commitments to secure investments. Beyond this contribution, he also explores more generally the impacts of democracy and international institutions on FDI."
James Raymond Vreeland, Yale University, author of The IMF and Economic Development

Singer, David Andrew. 2007. Regulating Capital: Setting Standards for the International Financial System. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

"Writing with clarity and precision, David Andrew Singer makes a major contribution to our understanding of the international regulation of capital flows. His puzzle is why different types of capital flows, all facing financial risk, experience different forms of regulation. Financial stability is fraught with all sorts of risks, which Singer explains eloquently. Systemic risk alone, however, is not sufficient for international regulation. The impetus comes when the forces of globalization cause financial stability to come at the high cost of international competitiveness for the domestic financial industry. Singer argues that national regulators, under the scrutiny of domestic legislatures, take the lead. Regulators navigate between the conflicting goals of financial stability and international competitiveness, and they enter into international negotiations when the trade-off leaves them bleak domestic options. Singer's superb style makes the treatment of complex issues accessible for all audiences—including the policymaking community and beginning students. His original scholarly contributions also make this essential reading for leading experts in the field of political economy."
James Raymond Vreeland, Yale University

Abouharb, M. Rodwan and David Cingranelli. 2008. Human Rights and Structural Adjustment. New York: Cambridge University Press.

"This study is the most comprehensive work on the impacts of how World Bank and IMF conditional lending have impacted human rights. Filled with many examples as well as careful analysis of a wealth of data, the book convincingly shows not only that the Bretton Woods Institutions have failed to promote human rights, but also that their structural adjustment programs have actually hurt human development. The book - the first of its kind - will spark a new generation of study of the World Bank and the IMF. It is a must read for anyone interested in human rights, international institutions or globalization."
James Raymond Vreeland, Yale University

Meseguer, Covadonga. 2009. Learning, Policy Making, and Market Reforms. New York: Cambridge University Press.

"This book makes a major contribution to the growing literature on policy diffusion. Why do governments seem to follow one another in adopting similar economic policies? Existing explanations include emulation, imposition by international forces, and similar domestic political and economic circumstances. What makes Meseguer's study important and original is its careful work on rational learning as a mechanism of policy diffusion. Beautifully written and methodologically sophisticated, the book first develops a theory of learning and then shows empirically that rational learning influences the policy decisions of governments. The volume is essential reading for people interested in international relations and economic development."
James Vreeland, Georgetown University

Nooruddin, Irfan. 2010. Coalition Politics and Economic Development: Credibility and the Strength of Weak Governments. New York: Cambridge University Press.

"Nooruddin makes a provocative claim - when many actors are required to agree for change to occur, policy stability is likely, which investors like. In a sense, Nooruddin is a modern-day Madisonian with some important twists: (1) multiple factions are good not just for stability but also for economic growth; and (2) the best way to organize multiple factions is through minority parliamentary government. The theory and evidence are compelling, and the book is a must read for all interested in political economy."
James Raymond Vreeland, Georgetown University and author of The IMF and Economic Development (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

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