September 15 -- Approaching Ammianus
1. Texts to linger over, esp. remote, difficult texts

2. Transmission:
**how we get a book like this
***manuscript, print, modern editions, translations

3. Ammianus:
**Greek, army officer, partisan, writing in Latin, traditional
***in his attachment to historical genre

4. What do you notice?
**emperors: who? (see Constantius at Rome: p. 99)
**wars: where?
**digressions: about what?

5. So how do you read such a book:
**learning to look "at" as well as "through"
***go slow
***what surprises?
***what is difficult?
***what is boring?
**use the tools provided
**don't compare to a murder mystery:
***learning to read this kind of book is like going to boot camp