Explanations for boredom in Aug.: religion to the point of excluding self-examination, overwriting, too much God, too much propaganda, too much religion, beating an argument to death.

The difficulties of approaching texts where the Christianity is too familiar and the style is too remote: an increasing challenge to our possession of our cultural past.


Ireland before Christianity -- that is to say, before the Romans
kings--retained power
druids--became priests and abbots
bards--became monks

Patrick's role? Bridget?

The O'Donnell family moves to Iona and meets the Loch Ness monster

The Anglo-Saxon mission under Augustine of Canterbury meeting the Irish coming in the other direciton

Whitby: 664

Alcuin's achievement: the creation of "medieval Latin", the birth of the "Romance languages", and the fortuitous preservation of the cultural unity of "Europe"

The Viking contribution and the long-term marginalization of Ireland