October 6 -- Cassiodorus

Var. 11.1 (self-presentation)

Great-grandfather: against the Vandals c. 440
Grandfather: with Aetius' son Carpilio to the Huns c. 450
Father: Count of Sacred Largesses and Count of Privy Purse
*Governor of Sicily c. 490 when Theoderic came in
*Praetorian Prefect 501

Variae 12.15 on Squillace

C.'s career:
*b. c. 490
*507-511: QSP (panegyric orations)
*514: Consul
*519: writes Gothic History, Chronicle
*523-7: Master of Offices
*533-38: Praetorian Prefect, writes Variae
*??: writes "on the soul"
*540-554: in Constantinople, writing Psalm commentary
*554: back to Squillace/Vivarium ( Inst. 1.29)
**--writes Institutes and other practical works of
***scriptural exegesis and erudition, collects
***library, patronizes translations from Greek by
*580+: dies aged 92+