Lamentationes Ieremiae

Table of Contents

Vorwort zur ersten und zweiten Auflage

Tabula gratulatoria

The Black Death in the Civitas nostrae dominae reginae angelorum
by Stuart Jenks

The Missing Link
by James J. O'Donnell

The Translatio S. Ieremiae
by Patrick J. Geary

Alcuin: Hippo or Human?
by Jennifer Roberts

The Cruikshank Manuscript
by David Ball

The Life and Ministry of St. Salome
by E. Annselma Matter

Walter Map -- Master Weaver
by Amelia A. Rutledge

Portions of a Newly Discovered Inferno
by M.E. Guttmann

Luther and Toothpaste: A Forschungsbericht
by John Michael Stroup