Professor James J. O'Donnell: in various media

"A mutual joint-stock world in all meridians", 2002 Baccalaureate Address at the University of Pennsylvania (May 12, 2002) -- JO'D speaks beginning about 39 minutes into the ceremony

"From Papyrus to Cyberspace", records a Cambridge Forum presentation beginning with a 15-minute talk by JO'D and then 45 minutes of response and discussion in RealAudio format (March 1999). A short interview (November 2001: approx. 31 minutes) with a Penn colleague discusses the future of distance and distributed learning initiatives in higher education. A very brief Quicktime movie expresses his views.

See also the archived version (text-only) of a "Colloquy Live" on the Chronicle of Higher Education site, featuring JO'D talking about careers for humanities scholars in technology administration (28 June 2001).

In RealPlayer format, a on Voltaire's Candide for Penn's freshman classwide reading project (2001) [approx. 35 minutes: may require RealPlayer 8].)

In RealPlayer format, an interview on the challenges of distributed learning (2001).

In spring 2002, a Latin course on Erasmus evokes this short video clip describing the course and its goals.

In January 2002, a talk, "There Must Be Heresy", as keynote speaker on a Presidential Panel at the semi-annual meetings of the American Library Association in New Orleans.