doughBelly Gallops His Mule
In Race for Representative

Doughbelly Price, local real estate dealer and El Crepusculo columnist, has announced that he is definitely in the race for state representative from Taos County.

"I haven't got my registration papers yet and I have to have them as I am not a thoroughbred," Doughbelly allowed, "but I am in the race."

Doughbelly says that he has contacted a number of local politicians and business men, and there is no doubt that he can get his name on the ballot. He said that he knows most of the people in the district and that he is running for office to win. His candidacy will be filed on the Democratic ticket.

Price has lived in New Mexico since 1908. He worked in the Cimmaron and Raton areas of the state as cow hand, bronc buster and rodeo rider. He came to Taos in 1927 and opened his real estate office, Doughbelly's Clip Joint, in 1945. Life Magazine recently carried the story of his unusual real estate operations in Taos.

Doughbelly believes he knows New Mexico as well as anyone living in these parts. "I have rode over nearly every square inch of New Mexico," he said, "and what I have not rode over I have sold."

In his El Crepusculo column, Squibbs Fired at Random, Doughbelly has commented shrewdly on home and family; on village, county, state, national and international politics; on males, females, prohibition and other vital subjects.

He plans to continue his real estate business and campaign for representative as time allows and issues demand.


I have now made my filing for Democratic Rep. from Taos county. Here is my way of looking at the Situation. Take it or leave it as you see fit. I promise none nothing. I am asking No one for money to pay my campaign expenses. I will be under no obligations To no person. I want to serve all.

I don't know what I will do when I get Down there. I will do the best I can. and that will be governed by what Comes up. I am not going to turn the State house over. Just A little small for that job. I don't intend to let them Big boys kick me around. And if one of them tells me Something to do that I don't think is right, I will tell him to go to hell. And if that dont suit, we can make different arrangements.


I will fight for what I think is right. and fight just as hard against what I think Is wrong. I dont entend to fight nothing till I know what it is all about. I have got to have help. Not only in votes. But I want help after I am elected. That is when I will sure need it. Don't quit as soon as I am elected. after that I want to have your views. And what you want done.

Mind you I will be working for All the people of Taos county. Not working them. working for them. Read the paper. Find out what these bills is about. then write me what you think should be done. And if you dont do that, don't cry when it is not done to suit you. I am not going To try to please all. And I am not going to be looking For the Next election.


And I am not going to try to get in good with the higher ups I hope they like me. As I will also need their Cooperation. If not too expensive I am going to have an office. You will be welcome to come and see me any time. I want you to. Tell me what you want. I may disagree with you, But that dont make you wrong. I will tell you frankly what I think.

I want to be open to suggestions, and listen to reason. There will be things that I will have to do hat I may not want to do. but in order to get something I may have to give Something. But I think I am A fair hand at swapping.


If this is what you want Vote for me. and if not vote for the other man whoever he may be.

My record is not so hot. I have been in the county long enough for you to draw your own conclusions. I am sober. But that honest and reliable, I am not so sure. Better check that. Any thing that is said about me is likely to be the truth. I am waiting and wondering what your reaciton will be in the primary June The 6th. But go vote for someone.

Well I have got to keep up with the big men. Miles has established head Quartes. (In my office. Pending Funds) I have got to do the same thing. Miles is not going to leave me at the post. I have hired me A fund Collector. And a good one. If he can keep me in money his next Job will be in Washington D.C. (Distrubitors of Confusion)

From what I hear they are having Trouble Keeping funds there to. In fact it is A common ailment. This shortage of funds And this ailment has the Medical profession Buffaloed. Drs. seem to Agravate the cause rather than cure it. But my man will get the job done. There was as many as A half dozen wanted that job. So it was A very careful Selection that had to be Made. it is his job to learn The voters to shake hands properly. And spread the thin line of Bull. then I will bring up the rear. And put on the finishing Coat.


I have got me a campaign Manager that is to be with me all the time. tell me Just how to walk. He says I now walk like I was waiting for the boat to rock. When to talk And what to say. Be sure and say nothing that I can be sued for. As I might make a bad witness. A lawyer told A jury one time that he could Prove anything by me. and for once that Bird told the truth.

There is one bright spot in the dark cloud. when it comes time for them to Start telling bad things about one another. there is not anything that will Be said about me but what is Very likely to be the truth. There will be very Little to deny. Also not become old fashioned. Or Obsolete that is A word that I got from him this Morning. It is A good one I think. Oh he is A dandy. Wears his hair just so. Has that far away look like A locoed steer. And he told me confidentially that the only Competition I had in the Literary Field was Gov. Mabry. That landed the job.


I have also hired me A bookkeeper to fake the records as to expenses and So On. that is Very Common. Might get you in jail. But I have been there before so I will not be A new comer. And if all the crooks in this Campaign is put in Jail I sure will have plenty of Company. What grand education An Honest crook like Me can get.

Well, misery loves Company, and it looks like i have Plenty of it In my race for Misrepresentative.

Comeone is going to get beat and after He gets beat he is going to look like a punctured tire and it may be Little doughBelly. it Looks like the chief industry In the State of New Mexico is Polotics. As many as they is running for representative.

You should be able to get two that Will do. The only thing i can see is that you Pick the best you know How and vote for him to muddle Up your business for the next 2 years. and if I happen to be the one, that can do you the most good, i would appreciate do the Job better, vote for him.


I am promising nothin. I will do the Best i know how. I know one thing. Taos County needs representation and will get it if Fighting will do the job. But I am going to need Help and advice from the voters. I am working for the voters in Taos county. mind you they are not working for Me. And without their help and advice i will Not know what to Do. So in that case, I will just do the best I can.

And don't forget the man who fills this Office handles the taxpayer's money and that is the place that all appropriations start and also the starting Point of laws. This office Is nothing to be laffed at.

Some of the other candidates may be Better than I am and Know more. That is for you to decide. That may be just A little hard. We are all good men, but I don't know what for, unless it would be to run for Luteniant Gov. or St. Auditor.


I am paying my own expenses and don't intend for them To be to much. I would like to have 3 things -- your Vote, your confidence And advice. If I have to Buy your vote i certainly would not have your Confidence. and if I bought your vote and you gave Me your advice i don't know what I'd do with it.

If I' am elected and mess things Up it will be nothing uncommon. it has been done before. and if I do Mess things up i will do it trying to do Something not dong Nothing at all. You do the Best you can toward picking a man for This office, and that will be poor enuf with the material you have to Work with.

I just happened to think That I have never Thanked the people of Taos county For the votes that I didn't get in the Primarys.

Maybe the reason was that the people was scared that I would work too hard and have one of them Nervous Teardowns And shoot myself. (no such Good luck).

Or maybe it was the platform I did Not have. And too I might have kicked over the dope bucket. I could have said Dammit. (I know how). And that would not have sounded good.

And again There was A chance that I might ahve went to sleep while one of them Long-winded speeches was in progress And I sure snore loud for a little man. Which would have been very rude. And I am noted for doing rude things.

There is two things that I sure don't care for. That is formalities and Cornventions.

And there is plenty of both of them when the State Capitol is exploding with poloticians. And I might have got on the Fininance committee. (As most everything is Committee). And say I might have made some of them boys mad. For the reason that Fininance sure would have suffered. There would not have been very much left for the other boys to argue over.

Anyway the people of Taos county was very thoughtful of me and my health. I am sure that I will struggle along. And be very much more happy. and have more friends than I would have otherwise have had if I had of won.

Anyway thanks A million. I can be thankful for one thing I tied one man. It could have been worse. I had a ticket to place or show and I just showed. And A very bad show. A split on fourth money. And there was only Two moneys. I bet on the come and got craps.