There aint any. this is my own brain storm. and I did not write to any of these fancy high toned writers. to find out what they thought. in fact I dont care what they think. I never went to no School of Journalism. like not have went to School at all. And while they was in the School of Journalism. learning to write them big words like willfully and Maliciously and Gumbousely with malice afore thought. that we common dung hills dont know what it is. I was on the Hurricane deck of A spanish pony. keeping the beef rolling into the packing house. learning things that dont get in class rooms or lecture halls. so why should I get their opinion on what I do. They will say he is An. illiterate. Bastard. the first I am the second I aint. And what they say does not change things in any way I am still just what I am. I want the common run of people to read this. (the big shots to. If they have A dollar to buy one or can borrow it from someone). I am having the printing done my self. and entend to pay for it (I hope). I am getting every bit of the help I need from the El Crepusculo (news paper) In getting it arranged in shape so you can read it. and I hope savvy what I mean If I have done that. and made you giggle A little. or grin out loud my work has not been in vain. it is just my honest opinion on what has gone on in the State and National Capitol. as I can see it from A cowpunchers view. and common sense. my views may not be any good to any one. he has his own. but I would sure squawk if I could not express them views.

Critics. there will be plenty. and the more the better. For when I hear of some one giving me the razz, I am sure that I have got A dollar out of some one and that dollar will help pay the printing bill. or help pay the income tax. And I am not borrowing the money from R. F. C.