This book is respecttufully dedicated to any one that is simple minded enough to pay A dollar for it. And time to waste to read it. And if you have some one that you actually hate. and want him to stay away from you and quit borrowing things. and not bring them back I will Guarantee you that he will borrow this book, read it, and then bring it back. that will be breaking rule number one. And then he will not speak to you again for A long time. and maybe never. and that might help. and if this little gob of nonsense. even does that little bit. I will feel like I hav not wasted my time and. the very limited amount of Brain power that it took to write it.

I am not dedicating this to my good wife. or any of my relations. and there was no good right hand. the only thing I can give credit to is the finger on each hand that has took such punishment jabbing this typewriter. writing this fool thing. when you get done with it. possibly after the third page. I would like for you to give it to some jail bird that will finish reading it. as he is not going anywhere. and has time on his hands.

thank you

doughBelly Price