I did not entend to copyright it all. but I got to talking to one of these men of the legal Profession and he said some one might steal it. now I cannot amagine anyone stealing anything as worthless as this will be. but they might. human beings do such funny things sometimes. And if some one was to steal it. I dont know what I could say. as I have stold nearly every thing but A book. And if it was A book to show you how to beat income tax. I would be Tempted to steal that. as I know how. and my concience would not bother me in the least. And there is not A doubt in my mind. that some of the people that read this thing. has stold plenty. but if you told them so they would want to do a fistic combat with you. which is the real American way of setteling A difference of opinion. so if anything in this mess will give you an idea. how to make A living honest or other wise. I dont see why you should not use it. and if there is any profit. send me my Cut.