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Commentary Cons. Phil. Book 4 Metrum 2

Metrum 2

Those who appear to exercise great power in this world are in truth impotent.

Meter: Trochaic dimeter plus ionic dimeter with a diaeresis.

line 1
Quos: antecedent is superbis (line 4).

line 4
cultus: "attire, trappings," genitive singular.

line 5
intus: "within"; metaphorically: "in reality, in spirit."

line 6
hinc: "hence".
uersat: < uerso, "keep turning," hence, "upset, disturb."

line 7
fluctus: accusative plural, object of tollens.

line 8
captus: < captus, "mental acuity"; accusative plural. Some manuscripts read captos, sc. dominos.

line 9
tot: modifies tyrannos; the irony is that the tyrant is tyrannized by his own passions.

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