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Commentary Cons. Phil. Book 2 Metrum 4

Metrum 4

The wise man lives quietly in humble circumstances.

Meter: Iambic dimeter catalectic (i.e., lacking final syllable) alternating with pherecratics.

line 1
uolet: future instead of the present uult (cf. line 6, curat) for sake of meter.

line 3
stabilis: nominative singular masculine.

line 4
Euri: the east wind.

line 8
uitet: hortatory subjunctive in main clause.

line 9
illud: sc. cacumen.

line 11
hae: sc. harenae.
pendulum: "pulled downward by gravity"; modifies pondus.

line 15
memento: imperative < memini, "remember."

line 19
quieti: ablative of place where with conditus.

line 20
ualli: genitive < uallum, "rampart."

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