Caecilianus (PLRE II: pp. 244-6) is known from letters of Symmachus, official mentions in contemporary legal texts, a brief mention in Zosmius' history, this letter, and Aug.'s ep. 86.. Nothing is known for certain of his background, but he may be Italian with African property interests, a position eminently compatible with what we see of him here in this letter. He served as prefect of the annona (grain supply) in 396/397, and had perhaps served as a provincial governor already. He was away from Rome c. 400/401, and appears in Africa as vicarius in 404, a term that may have continued to 405 and may have led to promotion to proconsul: but if Mandouze is right as to the date of ep. 86, that assumption is unnecessary. In 409, he served as praetorian prefect for Italy and Illyricum under Honorius during the ascendancy of Stilicho's overthrower, Olympius. His position in Carthage at the time Marinus was crushing the Heraclianic rebellion is uncertain. In 414, he appears in Africa on a special mission regarding the annona along with Nicomachus Flavianus the younger; it is presumably at this time that A. writes letter 151, that is, on a return to Africa by Caecilianus.