P.G.M. XXXVI.283-94:


Pudenda key spell: Take an egg of a crow and the juice of the plant crow’s foot and gall of a river electric eel, and grind them with honey and say the spell whenever you grind and whenever you smear it on your genitals.

This is the spell that is to be spoken: "I say to you, womb of [Name], open and receive the seed of [Name] and the uncontrollable seed of the IARPHE ARPHE (write it). Let her, [Name], love me for all her time as Isis loved Osiris and let her remain chaste for me as Penelope did Odysseus. And do you, womb, remember me for all the time of my life, because I am AKARNACHTHAS."

Say this while grinding and whenever you rub your genitals, and in this way have intercourse with the woman you wish, and she will love you alone and by no one else will she ever be laid, just by you alone. (trans. E.N. O’Neill in H.D. Betz (1986).)



The following are phallic aphrodisiacs from the great demotic magical papyrus whose two halves are in London and Leiden. This text contains numerous magical and folk traditions in addition to those below. (Trans. J.H. Johnson in H.D. Betz (1986).)


P.D.M. xiv.1041-48:


Crocodile dung, a little donkey placenta, and sisymbrium, 7 oipe of antelope dung, gall of a male goat, and first fruits of oil. You should heat them with flax stalks; you should recite to it seven times for seven days; you should anoint your phallus with it; and you should lie with the woman; and you should anoint the woman’s heart, also.

[A prescription] to cause a woman to love her husband: Acacia, fruit. Pound with honey, anoint your phallus with it, and lie with the woman.

To make a woman love copulating with her: Foam of a stallion’s mouth. Anoint your phallus with it and lie with the woman.


P.D.M. xiv.1190-95:


Another: You should anoint your phallus with dung of weasel and lie with [the] woman. She loves you. You should pound dung of ... with honey and anoint your phallus with it according to what is above, again.

Another: Dung of hyena with oil of roses in accordance with what is above, again.