Rather than depicting the Evil Eye as the Mokenine mosaic does, this mosaic, from modern El Haouria bears an inscription addressing the Evil Eye as Invidus. Six apotropaic, phallic fish flank the main image, which depicts the mythological contest between Poseidon and Athena for Athens and Attica. The exact reason for have this scene is unknown, but the mosaic as a whole is clearly intended to ward off evil.



Source: Inv. Tun. 319, 2. Cf. K.M.D. Dunbabin (1978), 152 and Plate no. 165.




A Hadrumetum mosaic depicting an apotropaic phallus.



Source: Inv. Sousse 57.011, pl. IV, a. Cf. K.M.D. Dunbabin (1978), 162 and Plate no. 164.