[[1]] Adonai is one of the Hebrew names for the Jewish god, who often appears in magical papyri, curse tablets and amulets. The reputed supreme powers of this deity, as well as the mysterious nature of Jews' religion, must have had a special appeal to magicians, since he appears repeatedly in magical texts that are otherwise non-Jewish.


[[2]] For another reference from the magical papyri to the heat of bath-houses, see P.G.M. XXXVI.333-41.


[[3]] In addition to the few homosexual erotic spells that have been published, an unpublished tablet from Tyre is reported to involve two men and to include the phrase: "May Juvinus lie awake in his love for me, Porphyrios." See D.R. Jordan, "Defixiones from a Well near the Southwest Corner of the Athenian Agora," Hesperia 54 (1985), 223n.16.



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