D.T. 295:


HUESSE[M]IGAD[O]N IA[O AO BAUBO EEAEIE... SOPESAN KANTHARA ERESCHIGAL SANKISTE DODE[K]AKETE AKROUROBORE KODERE DROPIDE TARTAROUCHE ANOCH ANOCH KATABREIMO fearful things towards t[he?] E...nne kataneikandra damastrei..sa Most Glorious One SEROUABUOS to you I commend, because he slandered (my) intention. Let them run to/at him (?); infernal demones, bind the feet of those horses so that they are unable to run, those horses who names you have here inscribed and submitted: Incletus, Nitidus, Patricius, Nauta, SIOUN.AA, Quick-Starter. Bind them so that they cannot run tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in the circuses: Patricius, Nitidus, Na[ut]a, Incletus, Quick-Starter, Domina, Canpana, Lambteras, Nitidus, Patricius, Nauta, Incletus, Quick-Starter so that they cannot run tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and so that at every hour they collapse in the circus. Let him perish and fall, just as you lie (here) prematurely dead. No, now, quickly, quickly, because they drive them off, the Typhonic Daimones! (trans. J. Gager (1992), no. 11)