Cupid and Psyche
Adlington's translation of the Golden Asse, 1566
Excerpts from the Latin text of the Metamorphoses from the Bibliotheca Augustana
"Lector intende: laetaberis, a scholarly web page devoted to Apuleius and maintained by Luca Graverini
Benjamin Slade's rich page (including images) on the 'Golden Ass'and his more general page on Apuleius
"The Transformations": Apuleius updated (after a fashion: very entertaining)
The Introduction to Vincent Hunink, Apuleius of Madauros: Pro Se De Magia (Apologia) (Amsterdam 1997), a commentary in two volumes, newly-published.
Tentative Family Tree of main parties to lawsuit
Augustine on Apuleius
Lepcis Magna -- not far from Sabratha

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