Scenes of Hippo/Annaba

The following images come from our visit to the site of ancient Hippo Regius, located about two miles from the center of modern Annaba. For more on the city, see C. Lepelley, Cités de l'Afrique Romaine au bas-empire (1979), for historical analysis, and Erwan Marec, Hippone le Royale (1954) and Monuments chrétiens d'Hippone (1958).

View of the modern basilica from the Christian quarter of the ancient site.

View of the forum

Another view of the forum

Another view of the forum

Professor Robert Markus with our guide in the forum, the recently retired local director of antiquities

In the Christian quarter, Hippo

In the Christian quarter

In the Christian quarter

In the Christian quarter

The large Christian basilica

The large Christian basilica

The large Christian basilica, with visitor

The apse of the basilica

Another view of the apse

View from the apse out over the nave

Another view from the apse

Prof. Serge Lancel in the apse of Augustine's basilica

Stone carving among the church buildings at Hippo

Courtyard of the museum of antiquities, Hippo

Priest sacrificing in carved relief, Hippo

Closeup of previous item

Text: IOVI OPTIMO MAXIMO -- "to Juppiter, the best, the greatest"

Long view of the archaeological site and the basilica, taken from S. Ferdi, Augustin: de retour en Afrique (Fribourg 2001) -- a very handsome and valuable collection of photos of Augustine's Africa.

Shrine in the modern basilica at Hippo containing the elbow sent from Pavia in 1842.

The elbow sent from Pavia in 1842

Stained glass in the modern basilica (of the most often illustrated story [apocryphal] in Augustine's life

View from the front steps of the modern basilica showing the archaeological site of the Christian quarter in the foreground. The road beyond the site roughly delineates the ancient seashore, but n.b. the proximity to the sea in the background.

Churchwarden at the modern basilica

Associate churchwarden