Andean Tribunal of Justice

Available data:

 Karen Alter and Larry Helfer have published the first two articles in a series of papers on the ATJ, which includes the results of their coding of over 1400 ATJ preliminary reference rulings.  Links to the pre-publication drafts of the articles on SSRN are  below.   

Islands of Effective International Adjudication: Constructing an Intellectual Property Rule of Law in the Andean Community, American Journal of International Law, vol. 109, 2009


Building Judicial Supranationalism in the Andes: Understanding Preliminary Reference Patterns in the Andean Community, N.Y.U. Journal of International Law and Politics, vol. 41, 2009


Karen Alter also has a single-authored paper using this data:

Jurist Advocacy Movements in Europe and the Andes: How Lawyers Help Promote International Legal Integration

Center on Law and Globalization Research Paper No. 08-05


Some of the judgments are available here but this is very much an incomplete set.