International Criminal Tribunals

Available datasets:

· James Meernik maintains an excellent site that includes datasets on all decisions made by the ICTY and ICTR as well as biographical information on the judges.


Official Sources:

The ICC, ICTR, and ICTY websites contain a wealth of information on cases, decisions, and judges.



· Leslie Vinjamuri is about to complete a “war and justice” dataset that includes data on international and domestic tribunals, truth commissions, and amnesties in all wars concluded or ongoing since 1945. She was also involved (with Aaron Boesenecker) in creating a dataset about accountability mechanisms (trials, truth commissions, etc) located in formalized peace agreements signed between 1980 and 2006.  (The link here takes you to a report, we recently published with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue).

·  Kathryn Sikkink has collected data on both international and domestic trials and tribunals.

· Darren Hawkins has collected data on the negotiation process leading to the Rome Treaty.

· Judith Kelley has done work on non-surrender agreements.

·  James Meernik and Rosa Aloisi have done work on “reservations” to the ICC.

·  Beth Simmons and Allison Danner have done work on ICC ratification and its effects.

·  Allison Danner and Erik Voeten have data on the election of judges (in progress).

There is much more out there, please e-mail me with additions or if you want me to host your data on here (