European Court of Human Rights

Available datasets:

Extensive data on judicial dissents, biographical characteristics of judges, and information on cases is collected by Erik Voeten. All data can be downloaded in either SPSS or STATA format (both are zipped files). This codebook contains more information about the variables in all datasets. More detailed information about data-collection can be found in the papers “The Politics of International Judicial Appointments” (in the Fall 2007 issue of  International Organization) and “What Motivates International Judges?”. Note that this is a first release of this data. Any comments and suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated and can be targeted to Erik Voeten (

Official Sources:

The European Court of Human Rights has an excellent on-line catalog called Hudoc. Virtually all of the data comes from that source. Good summary statistics are available in its annual Survey of Activities. Much of the biographical information can be found by searching the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly’s working documents. Data on compliance can be found here.


Rachel Cichowski, of the University of Washington, has written on the ECHR and has more empirical work forthcoming. Other social scientists who have written on the ECHR include Andrew Moravcsik and Alec Stone-Sweet.