About Me

Coming Out Christian in the Roman World I never suspected that I would come back to teach at my undergraduate alma mater, but I did know that there would be a time I would move on. I have now joined the Department of History at Saint Louis University, where I work alongside an amazing group of historians and participate in a thriving undergraduate and graduate program!

My sincerest thanks to my Georgetown colleagues in classics, theology, history, and English, all of whom made my time on the Hilltop so enjoyable, and a particularly fond thank you to all my students for doing the same.

If you're interested in learning more about my research on the intersection of history, politics and religion in the Roman world, please be sure to get in touch. You can also follow along at religiousdirt.com. And if you happening to be looking for information about my forthcoming book, Coming Out Christian in the Roman World, I'm excited to say, it will be released in March 2015.