About Me

After ten years in Austin, Texas, and nearly ten seasons (and counting) of working and researching in Rome, I never suspected that I would come back to teach at my undergraduate alma mater, but I did know that there would be a time I would move on.

In 2013, with fondness looking back and enthusiasm looking forward, I was thrilled to be asked to join the Department of History at Saint Louis University. That's right: after three years of teaching in the Department of Classics at Georgetown, I've now moved from the oldest Jesuit university in the U.S. to the second oldest Jesuit university. I've also joined an amazing group of historians, as well as a great undergraduate and graduate program!

My sincerest thanks to my Georgetown colleagues in classics, theology, history, and English, all of whom made my time on the Hilltop so enjoyable, and a particularly fond thank you to all my students for doing the same. If you're interested in learning more about my research on the intersection of history, politics and religion in the Roman world, please be sure to get in touch. You can also follow along at religiousdirt.com.