A Little Bit More About Me

In the Fall of 2013, I became Assistant Professor of Ancient and Late Antique Mediterranean History in the Department of History at Saint Louis University.

I am a native of Chicago and a 10-year resident of Austin, Texas, who studies the intersection of politics and religion in the Roman and Late Roman world.

I am particularly interested in the ways in which archaeological evidence challenges many of our notions about early Christianity and Judaism in the Roman Empire, an interest that has grown out of my work at the ancient synagogue of Ostia Antica, Rome's harbor town. Some of my work has appeared, or will soon appear, in the American Journal of Archaeology, the Journal of Roman Studies, the Journal of Early Christian Studies, and the Papers of the British School at Rome. You can follow along at religiousdirt.com. And yes, that's me on Twitter (@austin_hoya).

Ostia in Late Antiquity is available from amazon.com and Barnes & Noble although I doubt Suze Orman would "approve" any of us buying a copy--until it comes out in paperback, girlfriend. For other books, stay tuned.