Schedule of Topics and Readings

I post my Spring 2002 schedule as an example. The precise schedule varies from semester to semester.

You can find a key to the abbreviations at the bottom.

  Topic Author Reading  
Wed., 9 Jan. Introductory meeting      
Mon., 14 Jan. General orientation to pragmatism James "What Pragmatism Means,"  J, pp. 376-390
    Peirce ‘What Pragmatism Is"   P, pp. 262-281
Wed., 16 Jan. - Wed., 23 Jan.  The Stream of Thought James "The Stream of Thought"  J, pp. 21-74
Mon., 21 Jan Martin Luther King, Jr. Day      
Mon., 28 Jan. Habit James "Habit" J, pp. 9-21
Wed., 30 Jan.   Dewey "The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology" D, pp. 3-10
Mon., 4 Feb. Meaning and Action Peirce "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" P, pp. 137-158
Wed., 6 Feb.   Peirce "Issues of Pragmaticism" P, pp. 281-299
Mon., 11 Feb.   James "Percept and Concept -- The Import of Concepts" J, 232-243
Wed., 13 Feb.   Dewey "What Pragmatism Means by Practical," Part I  D, pp. 377-380
Mon., 18 Feb. Presidents’ Day      
Wed., 20 Feb. Truth and Knowledge Russell "On the Nature of Truth and Falsehood" handout 
    Blanshard "Coherence as the Nature of Truth," ch. 26 of The Nature of Thought handout


Peirce "The Fixation of Belief" in P
Mon., 25 Feb. - Wed., 27 Feb.   James "Pragmatism’s Conception of Truth" J, 429-443
Week of 4 Mar. Spring Break      
Mon., 11 Mar.   Russell "William James’s Conception of Truth"  (on reserve in Lauinger)
    James "The Pragmatist Account of Truth and Its Misunderstanders" (on reserve in Lauinger)


Dewey "What Pragmatism Means by Practical," Parts II & III D, pp. 380f
Wed., 13 Mar.   Dewey "Propositions, Warranted Assertibility, and Truth" D, pp. 201-212
Mon., 18 Mar. - Wed., 20 Mar. Applying James's Epistemology: Religion James "Will to Believe" J, pp. 717-735
Mon., 25 Mar. - Wed., 27 Mar. Contemporary Pragmatist Epistemology: Putnam vs. Rorty Putnam Reason, Truth, and History RTH, chs. 3 & 5
Mon., 1 April Easter Monday      
Wed., 3 April   Rorty "Solidarity or Objectivity?" ORT, pp. 21-34
Mon., 8 April   Rorty "Pragmatism, Davidson, and Truth," sections 1 & 2; and
"Science and Solidarity"
ORT, pp. 126-132; and pp. 35-45
Wed., 10 April Fact and Value James "The Moral Philosopher and the Moral Life" J, pp. 610-629
Mon., 15 April   Dewey "The Logic of Judgments of Practice," parts I & II D, pp. 236-253
Wed., 17 April recommended additional readings: Dewey "Valuation and Experimental Knowledge," Part I D, pp. 272-275
    Aquinas Summa, First Part of the Second Part, Question 1, Article 4 & Article 5  
Mon., 22 April   Dewey "Moral Judgment and Knowledge" D, pp. 328-340
Wed., 24 April   Putnam Reason, Truth and History RTH, ch. 6
Mon., 29 April Final class session      

Key to Abbreviations of Books:

J: William James. The Writings of William James. McDermott (ed.). (Chicago).

D: John Dewey. The Essential Dewey, vol. 2: Ethics, Logic, Psychology. Hickman (ed.). (Indiana).

P: Charles Peirce. The Essential Writings. Moore (ed.). (Prometheus).

RTH: Hilary Putnam. Reason, Truth, and History. (Cambridge).

ORT: Richard Rorty. Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth. (Cambridge).