William Blattner

Professor of Philosophy

General Guidelines for Submitting Papers in Philosophy 20

updated: Feb., 2010

  1. Papers must be printed in the standard fashion: one inch margins, double spacing, twelve point font.
  2. Put your name, the number of the question you are answering, the number of your section, and your section leader's name on the front of the first page.
  3. Give your paper a real title (not "Essay 1"). I discourage separate title pages, unless your TA requests one for reasons of his or her own.
  4. Number your pages.
  5. You do not need a separate bibliography.
  6. Format for references. Note: this is a change of policy for my Introduction to Philosophy course.

* The articulation of Aquinas's Summa into First, Second, and Third Parts, and within the Second Part, into the First Part of the Second Part and the Second Part of the Second Part, is confusing, to say the least. Strictly speaking, it is not necessary to cite the part, subpart, question, or article from the Summa, if the citation is otherwise unambiguous. Page references to the Reader make the citations unambiguous, and so there is no need to cite the part, subpart, question, or article. If you are using any other source for Aquinas than the Reader, you must give a full and thorough citation, with publication data.

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