Andrew Bennett


 Professor of Government

Georgetown University

Washington, DC 20057

(202) 687-5800




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            I have taught at Georgetown University since 1990, including courses on international relations,

  the U.S. foreign policy process, and qualitative research methods.   I have also worked in the U.S.

  Department of Defense and the U.S. Senate and advised several presidential campaigns on foreign policy.


            My research has focused on decision making and the use of force, civil and ethnic conflicts, alliance

   burden sharing, the making of U.S. foreign policy, political psychology, and case study research methods.

   I am the President of the Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods (information on the consortium and

   its two-week training institute can be found here). 


            I am currently writing a book on why some of the proponents of intervention in Iraq have changed

   their minds and others have not.  This case provides insight into the more general questions of why, how,

  and under what conditions political actors recognize error, update their expectations, and either displace

   blame or accept responsibility for policies that produce bad outcomes.