The Heath Anthology of American Literature Newsletter


Number XII, Fall 1995

What's In this Issue?

Heath Anthology in Use Overseas

Poland: American Literature in Poland: Some Notes on Teaching the Heath Anthology
by Professor Andrew Lakritz, Miami University

by Professor LaRene Despain, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Syllabus #1: American Literature, Professor LaRene Despain

Other Comments from overseas users of the Heath Anthology

Profiles: Contemporary Writers

Gary Soto
Nicholasa Mohr
Gish Jen

Conference News

Heath Resources for Teaching American Literature

Syllabus #2: American Literature Survey, Professor Carolyn Karcher, Temple University

Syllabus #3: Contemporary American Literature, Professor Marilyn Edelstein, Santa Clara University

Syllabus #4: American Rennaissance, Professor John Getz, Xavier University

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