We continue to receive comments about the anthology. Here are just a few:

"In our state, future K-12 teachers must take a major in a discipline and many chose English. The Heath Anthology is a welcome revelation to them, as they realize they will be teaching a multicultural population."

-Judith L. Johnston, Rider College

"Still love the Heath--Have used both volumes several times now--I'm growing every semester."

-Portia Weston, Greenville Technical College

"As a result of the text and Syllabus Builder, I have restructured my courses with excellent results. My students are engaged in the literature. How did I ever get along without your text?"

-Thomas Maik, University of Wisconsin

"Keep up the good work. The Heath Anthology is a fine, thought-provoking achievement."

-D. Haneline, Ferris State University

"I find the sample syllabi from other instructors very helpful. Other instructors' criteria and ideas allow me to expand and create my own."

-Dee Dee Hinojosa, Brookhaven College

"I especially appreciate reading others' comments on how they combine readings--this is as important as just having the texts available--different combinations obviously yield different perspectives on the literature."

-Raymond Craig, Kent State University

"The anthology offers a panorama that engages readers of all backgrounds to see the rich and diverse heritage of America."

-Patricia Maida, University of D. C. Van Ness

"The Heath Anthology has transformed my American literature classes and caught the interest of many students, who have researched the writers of diverse cultural backgrounds even when they had to use interlibrary loans or purchase their own copies to find primary full-length sources."

-Thelma J. Shinn, Arizona State University

"I very much appreciate the quality of the anthology and the support that goes along with it, especially the Syllabus Builder, which provides lots of useful help from other professors."

-Pat Hargis, Judson College

"I've now used both volumes of the Heath Anthology and am even more gratified by student response in our multicultural college."

-Anne Mills King, Prince George's Community College

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