Second Place Essay

Title: The Dualistic World of "Jig": A comparison of Hemingway and LeSueur
Author: Candace L. Robertson
School: Mercyhurst College
Instructor: Lisa Mary McCartney, RSM

Essay assignment:
At an MLA meeting a few years ago, the editor of an academic journal, Texas Language and Literature, remarked on the difficulty of publishing papers written on unknown writers and works. He suggested that pairing a well-known writer or work with an unknown one is an effective way of not only getting a paper published but of bringing a writer or work into a public forum. Keep this in mind as you write your major paper.

For this paper you are to think comparatively and write a 1,000-word essay in which you introduce the works of a familiar and of an unfamiliar author, both taken from the Heath anthology, to a general audience. The goal of your paper is to link critically and creatively these works in such a way that you shed new light on both works and enable them to be read more fruitfully.

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