Syllabus # 3

Humanities 251-4021
Humanities Tutorial: The Hispanic Experience in American Literature

Spring 1992
Professor Robert Giron
Montgomery College, Takoma Park Campus

Course Syllabus/Schedule

Course Description

HP251-4021 is a Tutorial in Humanities, which will examine The Hispanic Experience in American Literature. Individuals enrolled in the course will meet with me on a weekly basis to receive personal instruction and guidance. The course will also include a historical perspective of United States Hispanics, to include history and culture of Spain, Native America, and the United States.


You will be expected to keep a summary journal (in a separate notebook) based on the readings and audio-visual materials to be discussed in the course. Write a short summary of the articles/films discussed, and also include your thoughts and observations. Remember to pay close attention to how Hispanics are viewed and treated and how they view themselves and their environment. I will collect your journal three times during the semester to evaluate your progress and will assign a grade at the end of the semester.


1. HA#l = Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1

2. HA#2 = Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 2

Course Methodology

The methods used in the course will include: discussion, lecture, tutoring, group sessions, films/videos/slides, and guest lectures.

Course Objectives

Students will:

1. Be able to understand and write about the influence of literature in promoting images of Hispanics.


2. Acquire an understanding of the Hispanic culture and a better understanding of Hispanic Americans.

3. Acquire an awareness of the cultural and social concerns of Hispanic women in the United States.

4. Become familiar with the scholarship on women and minorities by reading critical writings about their literature.

5. Examine and display their understanding of the different literary modes of writing papers of analysis.


You will be required to write three (3) papers of analysis and complete a special project. Meet with me to discuss your topic for the project. The project may be a creative endeavor, a research paper, or an undertaking you consult me about.

WEEK ONE Jan. 27-31


WEEK TWO Feb. 3-7

"Christians, Jews & Moslems in Medieval Spain" TV318

(located in the Learning Lab)

WEEK THREE Feb. 10-14

HA#l: "This Newly Created World" p. 25

"Talk Concerning the First Beginning" p. 26

"The Coming of the Spanish and the Pueblo Revolt" p. 52

Christopher Columbus--from "Journal of the First Voyage toAmerica" p. 69

"from The History of New Mexico" pp. 121-125

WEEK FOUR Feb. 17-21

HA#l: "The Pueblo Indian Revolt and Spanish Reconquest, 1680-

1692" pp. 431-445

Fray Carlos Jose Delgado, pp. 756-761

"Two Mexican-American Oral Tales" pp.

"Tales from the Hispanic Southwest" pp. 1228-1238

WEEK FIVE Feb. 24-28

Film- "Ride the Pink Horse" (1947)

HA#l: "Address to the First Annual Meeting of the American Equal

Rights Association" pp. 1914-1915

"An Account of the Gold Rush" pp. 1952-1964

"Native American Oral Poetry" pp. 2641-2643/2663-2666

WEEK SIX March 2-6

Filmstrip/cassette: "The Spanish Heritage in the U. S."

E184.575S6 (located in the Learning Lab)

HA#2: "Corridos" pp.789-813

Gertrude Bonnin, "Why I Am a Pagan" p. 921

John Steinbeck, "Flight" pp. 1699-1771

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, "Sometimes It Just Happens That Way; That's All" pp. 1948-1957

WEEK SEVEN March 9-13

Filmstrip/cassette: "Roots of Spanish American Literature"

PQ7087.E5 R6 (located in the Learning Lab)

HA#2: Tomas Rivera, pp. 2056-2064

Aurora Levins Morales pp. 2175-2179

WEEK EIGHT March ]6-20

HA#2: Bernice Zamora pp. 2491-2494

Simon Ortiz pp. 2496-2501

WEEK NINE March 23-27

HA#2: Pedro Pietri pp. 2509-2519

Victor Hernandez Cruz pp. 2523-2537

WEEK TEN March 30-April 3

Film: "Border Incident" (1949)

HA#2: Garrett Hongo pp. 2550-2552/2556-2559

WEEK ELEVEN April 6-10

Book and Film: "The Milagro Beanfield War" (1988) TV297

(located in the Learning Lab)

WEEK TWELVE April 13-17

HA#2: Tato Laviera pp. 2562-2566

Film: "Zoot Suit" (1981)


Spring Break----No classes!

WEEK FOURTEEN April 27-May 1

HA#2: Judith Ortiz Cofer pp. 2568-2572

Gary Soto pp. 2572-2578


Film: "La Bamba" (1987)

HA#2: Lorna Dee Cervantes pp. 2579-2584


Final Exam

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