"I believe that for decades to come teachers of American literature will point to the publication of the new Heath Anthology of American Literature as a watershed in American literary studies."

Professor T. Hirsch, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

"This anthology has changed my life and opened up an immense store of creative energy in my students."

Professor Michael Cohen, Southern Utah State College

"I find, but even more importantly, my students find the new Heath Anthology challenging, invigorating, provocative, and intellectually rich. It truly brings new voices, new color, new life to the American literary landscape."

Professor Helen Westra, Grand Valley State University

"An indispensable tool for teaching American literature at the turn of the century. My only caveat concerns the lack of "whole" texts for authors like Sedgwick and Cooper, a caveat my students noted as well."

Professor William Maxwell, Duke University

"I have found your restructuring of the canon eye-opening. Sometimes I get quite angry when I consider that I went through the Ph.D. level in English, yet never heard about many significant authors and their works."

Professor Janice Edens, Macon Junior College

"The Heath is a good text that well represents the multicultural make-up of America."

Professor Lloyd Agte, Casper College

"My students said they found this much more interesting than an ordinary American Literature course. It made them rethink American history as well as American literature."

Professor Susan E. Ward, St. Lawrence University

"I am grateful to the builders of the Heath Anthology for helping us into the 21st century."

Professor Elaine Limbaugh, Portland State University

"I used the Heath Anthology for American Literature this semester and the student response was universally not just favorable but enthusiastic about the expanded canon (though students new to the field took for granted what I presented as being appropriate study.) It is very difficult to find time to expand the range of authors and have meaningful discussion."

Professor James Merrill, Oxnard College

"This is a marvelous anthology. The literary works gathered here present a truer view than heretofore offered of the breadth of American literature. The suggestions in the Instructor's Guide will be very helpful to an instructor preparing a course that has been taught for many years."

Professor Loraine Fergenson, Bronx Community College

"Usually I assign five to seven books. This book is the one and only encompassing every aspect of American literature. It's good for students with reading problems as well as the advanced student."

Professor Rosalyn Baxandall, State University of New York at Old Westbury

"The Heath Anthology is the best anthology to have been published in the last decade."

Professor Robert Hogge, Weber State University

"The Heath is a big improvement-but we still need more contemporary American drama-especially August Wilson, et al. Contemporary American drama is in many ways more vital and influential than poetry and novels."

Professor Mark Rocha, California State University

"I would prefer that full-length works were excluded, thus providing an opportunity for a broader representation."

Professor Carl W. Brucker, Arkansas Technical University

"I have used the Heath Anthology one semester and found it most effective. I was particularly impressed with the introductions to periods and authors as were my students. I have already assigned a paper that corresponds to your essay contest. It worked beautifully!"

Professor Annette McElhiney, Metropolitan State College

"This is the book for introducing multicultural literature into the curriculum."

Professor Angelo Costanzo, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

"From Volume 1 the "new" selection most enjoyed by my students was "An Indian's Looking Glass" by William Apes. A favorite topic for comparison/contrast papers was Murray's and Fuller's approach to women's rights."

Professor Willis Buckingham, Arizona State University

"Very comprehensive anthology! Your text allows the student to know that American writers are (were) not all white and male. I consider your text a real breakthrough for American literature anthologies!"

Professor Wanda Cook, Brewer State Junior College

"My students and I thoroughly enjoyed Volume 1 of Heath. "

Professor Carmen Rezendes, Laney College

"Significant doors open with this text. Students may complain that "there's too much reading" but, at the end of the semester, they do not sell the book!!"

Professor Laura Damon, Niagara County Community College


"I am continuing to enjoy the Heath-but next time, please, heavier gauge pages."

Professor Portia Weston, Greenville Technical College

"I use both volumes of the Heath Anthology for upper level undergraduate courses and find these texts stimulate both me and my students. I don't see any turning back."

Professor Nick Lilly, Tarleton State University

"Thanks for the immodest challenge the Heath Anthology makes to American identity! No anthology can be all things but Heath has dared to find a truer mirror for our literary past."

Professor Bob R. Green, McPherson College

"My second year with the Heath Anthology continues to be successful and exciting. I emphasize to my students that they are the last generation to study so narrowly the traditional canon but the first to explore our expanded awareness of our rich

cultural and literary heritage. Their response has been universally positive and appreciative-including comments on tests and course evaluations."

Professor Hopkins-Gariss, James Madison University

"What a treasure."

Professor Myrna Goldenberg, Montgomery College

"I am absolutely thrilled with the Heath Anthology. At last, Hispanics as well as others have been given their time in the sun. My students' perspectives grew immensely as a result of using the volumes. Class discussions touched on history, religion, politics, sociology, women's issues as well as literary techniques, etc. There is no other text I would recommend more highly. Heath is an example of a publishing house that has "heard" the voices of the people. Thank you!"

Chairperson Robert Giron, Montgomery College

"The curriculum support materials are both trenchant and practical for the undergraduate. I hope that you sustain these efforts."

Professor Ronald Ambrosetti, State University College at Fredonia

"Using Heath Volume 2 has generated much interest and thoughtfulness in my classes. Students are surprised at the articulateness and sophistication of ethnic voices, and sensitized to various world views and social orientation, captured in appropriate literary styles."

Professor Beulah P. Baker, Taylor University

"I used the new Heath Anthology for the first time last fall and winter in survey courses I taught at the University of Silesia, Poland. The new approach offered by the anthology became an instant success, giving Polish students a radically different education in American difference. It is unfortunate they have scant access to Heath materials."

Professor Andrew Lakritz, Miami University

Contents, No. VII