Editorial Board

Paul Lauter,
Trinity College
(General Editor)

Juan Bruce-Novoa,
University of California at Irvine

Jackson Bryer,
University of Maryland

Elaine Hedges,
Towson State University

Amy Ling,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Daniel Littlefield,
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Wendy Martin,
The Claremont Graduate School

Charles Molesworth,
Queens College-CUNY

Carla Mulford,
Pennsylvania State University

Raymund Paredes,
University of California at Los Angeles

Hortense Spillers,
Emory University

Linda Wagner-Martin,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Andrew Wiget,
New Mexico State University

Richard Yarborough,
University of California at Los Angeles

Paul A. Smith,
Senior Editor,
D. C. Heath and Company

Contents, No. VI