We continue to hear from instructors who are examining or using the Heath Anthology of American Litertature for the first time. Here is a sampling of the comments we've received recently.

"I must say that I am very enthusiastic about the Heath Anthology. We have ordered it for the library and the University Coop, and it is quickly becoming the recommended anthology of American Literature."

-Dr. Erik Hertog, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

"Your newsletter is both a pragmatic and a philosophical contribution to U. S. college courses in American literature-. . ."

-Dr. D. Wilson, Hartford State Technical College

"To the most interesting new anthology of American literature I have seen, you have now added what is without question the most useful teacher's guide I have ever received. Some guides are useful, many are junk, but yours deserves (and will have) its own place on my shelf even independent of the anthology. Now if you would only prepare a shorter edition for those of us who teach one-semester surveys!"

-Professor Rebecca Nail, Winston-Salem State University

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