Student Response

Richard Lomuscio, a student in Paul Lauter's Introduction to American Literature course at Trinity College, wrote this poem in his journal as a response to Edward Taylor. (Professor Lauter's course syllabus appeared in the Heath Anthology of American Literature Newsletter published in spring 1990.)

Controlled thoughts in a

tightly metred rhyme,

Preparatory disciplined belief,

Overwhelmed with unsuredness of time,

Attempt to express sin, remorse and grief,

Questions of his grace

addressed to thy Grace,

Trapped in self humility and disgrace.

I see his agony, his weary lust,

I see his uncertainty, feel

his loss,

Trying to make sense and secure His trust,

Did he in his divine bed turn and toss?

Taking the actions of humanity,

Writing verbal tunes

for longevity.

Use of repetition and paradox,

Duality of language, use

of Grace,

Images of doves and

religious fox,

Blood washing sin from Taylor's worldly face,

Riot of the soul quelled by

holy book,

Uncertainty rests in

a preacher's look.

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