A Reminder About Resources Available to Users of the Heath Anthology

Instructor's Guide

Edited by Judith A. Stanford, Rivier College

1990 Paper 728 pages (12066-9)

The Instructor's Guide for the Heath Anthology is a uniquely comprehensive resource. The 728-page Guide, edited by Judith Stanford, offers a wealth of information drawn from the classroom experience and research knowledge of more than 200 American literature specialists, each an expert on an individual author or period.

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Selections from Whitman and Dickinson

The extensive offerings of Whitman and Dickinson selections in the Heath Anthology appear in Volume 1. If you would like to teach Whitman and Dickinson with Volume 2, however, we've created a simple way for you to do so. All of the Whitman and Dickinson selections from Volume 1 have been published in a 212-page paperback supplement which may be shrinkwrapped with Volume 2. The net price of the package will be one dollar above the cost of the text alone. To make certain you bookstore orders the correct item, specify the Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 2, with the Whitman/Dickinson supplement and use the ISBN (24907-6). If at any time you are using Volume 2 alone and would like to add the supplement to your order, use the ISBN (24998-X). We will ship it at a net price of one dollar, in a quantity not to exceed the number of copies of Volume 2 ordered.

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