Whitman/Dickinson supplement now available with Volume 2

The opening up of the canon raises issues of when certain writers should be taught, as well as who should be taught. When the approach to a two semester survey of American literature is essentially chronological, the question of where to place Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson can be a practical one--do you have time to fit them in the first or second half of the course? For other instructors, there are some more fundamental questions about the tendency of anthologies to "periodize" writers. For instance, in a recent issue of College English, Margaret Dickie argues that Emily Dickinson is often and mistakenly grouped with the Transcendentalists, even though her aims and strategies had much more in common with writers of a later period.

We would like to remind you that no matter what your reasons, if you want to teach Whitman or Dickinson with the writers included in Volume 2 of The Heath Anthology of American Literature, there is a way for you to do so. We have taken all the selections from Whitman and Dickinson in Volume 1 and reprinted them in a supplement that can be ordered shrinkwrapped with Volume 2. The net price of the package will be one dollar above the cost of the text alone. To make certain your bookstore orders the correct item, specify The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 2, with the Whitman/Dickinson supplement, and use the ISBN 24907-6. If at any time you are using Volume 2 alone and would like to add the supplement to your order, use the ISBN 24998-X. We will ship it at a net price of one dollar, in a quantity not to exceed the number of Volume 2 ordered.


Margaret Dickie, "The Reperiodization of Emily Dickinson," College English 52:4 (1990): 397.

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