Conference News


Anthology Discussion

At this year's MLA Conference in Chicago, the American Literature Section will sponsor a panel entitled "The Canon and American Literature, II: The Anthology," where various pedagogical, philosophical, aesthetic, and practical issues concerning the assembling of anthologies will be examined. Panel participants include Herschel Parker of the University of Delaware and editor of The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Martha Banta, of UCLA and The Harper American Literature, Paul Lauter of Trinity College and The Heath Anthology of American Literature, and Glenn Johnson of Catholic University of America. Check your MLA Program for details.

D. C. Heath Workshop

Also, D. C. Heath will sponsor a workshop on the afternoon of Friday, December 28, where editors and users of The Heath Anthology of American Literature will discuss strategies and concerns in teaching a survey course whose syllabus incorporates writers not included in more traditional books. All interested parties are welcome to attend, and those who are currently using the text are welcome to submit their names and syllabi for consideration to sit on this panel. An honorarium will be paid to the panelists selected to present their courses at the workshop. Refreshments will be served. More information will be available later in the fall, and details of the exact time and place of the workshop will be available at the D. C. Heath booth in the exhibit hall.

American Literature Association

The second annual conference of the American Literature Association will be held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D. C. on May 24-26, 1991. Preregistration fees will be $30 (with a special rate of $10 for independent scholars, retired individuals, and students.) Those wishing to propose a paper or panel on an author or topic not represented by an author society should send a brief abstract to Professor Alfred Bendixen, English Department, California State University L.A.,

Los Angeles CA 90046.

Call for Papers

The National Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference will be held at Lehigh University on February 15-16, 1991. The theme for the 1991 conference is "Babel or Genesis: Toward a Definition of the Interdisciplinary." Send proposals to the Department of English, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. The deadline is November 15, 1990.

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