We continue to hear from instructors who are examining and/or using The Heath Anthology of American Literature for the first time. Here are some of the comments we've received recently:

"I'm interested in the multi-cultural (Native American, Black, Mexican, etc.) literature that the Heath Anthology incorporates. I will use the book in my sections of our survey this fall and hope I can convince the other professors to use it next year. Will you send me another copy of Volume I so that I may use it to show the advantages of this approach? Thanks."

--Professor Thomas Matchie, North Dakota State University

"This is far and away the finest American literature anthology I have encountered."

--Professor William Carroll, Norfolk State University

"I used the Heath Anthology spring quarter 1990 when I taught an upper-division class in The Modern Period. The students and I both enjoyed the text, especially the selections of lesser-known writers. Throughout the course, my students evaluated the literary canon and made important discoveries, identifying characteristics, elements, and themes of 'American' literature. I will use the Heath Anthology the next time I am scheduled to teach an American literature course."

--Professor Robert M. Hogge, Weber State College

(Professor Hogge's syllabus appears on pages 11 and 12 of the Newsletter.)

"An incredibly rich and impressive anthology. Many thanks!"

--Professor Charles M. Holmes, Transylvania University

"This is the most enlightened anthology of American literature so far--a text for this generation."

--Professor Ralph Church, Chairman, Juniata College

"This anthology surpasses by far anything else I have used or that is available. This text gets me very excited about the diversity of American literature, and I know that this enthusiasm will be shared by my students, who are too often bored by the usual, timeworn selections and authors offered by other anthologies. Paul Lauter et al. have done a terrific job of incorporating Native American and Hispanic voices in their selections, and the variety of works by women and African-Americans reflects the wider availability of these works in print today. At the risk of being hyperbolic, I must say that the Heath Anthology of American Literature is a 'dream come true' for both scholars and teachers of American literature."

--Professor Ann A. Merrill, Emory University

"This anthology is exactly what I was looking for. It puts the recent developments in the field into a practical and useful form."

--Professor Tom Dayton, Kansas State University

"This is the most comprehensive anthology I've seen in twenty years of teaching American literature."

--Professor Brian J. Benson, North Carolina A & T University

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