The Heath Anthology of American Literature is probably the most commented-upon text that we have ever published. Here is a sampling of your responses:

"An excellent anthology that dramatically changes the way of thinking about American literature and the possibilities for teaching it."

--Professor Donald Marshall, University of Iowa

"The most balanced and fair text on the market in terms of cultural diversity and inclusion."

--Professor Richard Leveroni, Schenectady Community College

"What an incredible surprise--rich, varied, generous, innovative, courageous. Finally an anthology that reflects the diversity of our heritage and the full-throated volume of our voices. This is magical, expanding, challenging in every way. It makes the usual anthology, the traditional selections, pale. Congratulations."

--Professor Robert Brophy, California State University--Long Beach

"I like the grouping of selections according to thematic content. Women and minority writers are well represented, and certainly a plus is the large section of contemporary writers."

--Professor John D. Vaughn, East Texas Baptist College

"Just looking through your wonderfully ample table of contents jarred my mind and memory into thinking of new combinations and possibilities."

--Professor Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Amherst College

"This is the anthology I've been waiting for--the inclusion of women and minorities takes them out of the ghetto of "special studies" and renders whole the fabric of American experience and literary expression."

--Professor Andrew Scheiber, St. Francis College

"Finally, a text which dares to go outside the traditional canon, which acknowledges the post Civil War flood of women writers who dealt with social and personal issues beyond the domestic sphere. . . Additionally, the recognition of the multiple strands of American ethnicity makes the Heath Anthology the most accurate representation of American culture currently available."

--Professor Dorothy Schmidt, University of Texas--Pan American

"I am just beginning to familiarize myself with all the contents. You are to be congratulated on your achievment. Selections are rich, various, and wonderful; introductory materials are to the point. Several of my students have indicated that they are delighted to own such a volume."

--Professor Susette Graham, Nazareth College

"A magnificent achievement that proves the Academy sometimes actually can live up to its highest standards. It should quickly be recognized as the authoritative text in American literary study."

--Professor John Lowe, Lousiana State University.

"Your anthology is an exciting, comprehensive survey of an unacknowledged diversity of American literary heritage that doesn't sacrifice the traditional standards."

--Professor H.M. Hopkins-Garriss, James Madison University

"I haven't yet seen an anthology so comprehensive. Great!"

--Professor Ron Welburn, Western Connecticut State University

Of course, not all the reviews have been favorable:

"God, man, and nature used to be the great themes of literature; but thanks to the marvelous scholarship here, we now know that sexual preference and class consciousness are the biggies."

--Professor David Ringer, Oral Roberts University

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