D. C. Heath Resources for Teaching American Literature

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Instructor's Guide
Edited by John Alberti, Northern Kentucky University
1994 960 pages Paper (32974-6)

Designed to facilitate the integration of The Heath Anthology into American literature courses, the Instructor's Guide provides a range of materials to help instructors explore relationships among writers, periods, and schools. Each entry is by one of the more than two hundred scholars who serve as contributing editors to the anthology. Included are analysis and discussion of each wtiter and selection in the Second Edition; suggestions for teaching each writer in the context of both traditional and new writers; critical bibliographies; creative syllabi; and writing assign- ments. Pedagogical essays on a variety of interesting subjects provide provocative and challenging ways to use the text.

Selections from Whitman and Dickinson-A Supplement to Volume 2
1990 Paper, 212 pages (24998-X) Packaged with Volume 2 (35303-5)

The extensive offering of Whitman and Dickinson selections in The Heath Anthology, Second Edition, appear in Volume 1. If you would like to teach Whitman and Dickinson with Volume 2, however, we've created a simple way for you to do so. All of the Whitman and Dickinson selections from Volume 1 have been published in a 212- page paperback supplement which may be shrinkwrapped with Volume 2.

The Heath Anthology Syllabus Builder software, version 2.0
Edited by Randall Bass, Georgetown University

System Requirements:
-Macintosh, System 7.x, 4MB RAM, hard drive with at least 10 MB free color (35585-2)/b&w (38908-0)
-MS-DOS, Windows 3.1,4 MB RAM, hard drive with at least 10 MB free; 3 1/2" (35586-0)

Items Included:
-3 disks, User's Guide

As innovative as its predecessor, the Second Edition of The Heath Anthology offers significant new opportunities for instruction and exploration. The Syllabus Builder, available free of charge to adopters upon request, is a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art software tool for course design and preparation. The program offers flexible access to a wealth of information from both course syllabi and the highly regarded, extremely comprehensive Instructor's Guide for The Heath Anthology. This information can lead to innovative ideas for teaching, such as incorporating new authors and pedagogics into the course, revising existing syllabi, and creating new assignments. Initially developed at Brown University's Institute for Research in Information and Scholar ship, the Syllabus Builder has been dramatically updated and expanded to include new course materials from participating instructors.

The Heath Bibliography of American Literature
Edited by Jackson Bryer, University of Maryland, with the assistance of The Heath Anthology Editorial Board
1994 Paper, 28 pages (35346-9)

The Bibliography provides a comprehensive listing of Reference Works and Bibliographies as well as of Criticism and Literary and Cultural History. This supplement is an extremely valuable guide to the rich critical and scholarly resources on American literature now in print. Student copies of the Bibliography are available free of charge with copies of The Heath Anthology, upon request.

For more information about any of these resources, please contact your D. C. Heath representative toll free at (800) 235-3565.

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