Border Perspectives

Chapter 6:

Imagining Borders: Territory and National Identity

Mapping the Myth of America

Robert Berkhofer, Jr.: The White Man's Indian [essay]

with images: European Woodcuts of Native Americans

Christopher Columbus: Journals of the Voyages of Christopher Columbus [journals]

Frederick Jackson Turner: The Significance of the Frontier in American History [essay]

Lillian Schlissel: Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey [diaries]

Stephen Crane: The Blue Hotel [short story]

Patricia Nelson Limerick: Empire of Innocence [essay]

John G. Blair: Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: The Wild West as Media Event [essay]

e.e. cummings: Buffalo Bill's defunct [poem]

Jane Tompkins: Indians’: Textuality, Moralism, and the Problem of History [essay]

Alternative Frontiers

Wong Sam and Assistants: An English Chinese Phrasebook [document]

Betty Lee Sung: The Pioneer Chinese [essay]

Bret Harte: Wan Lee, The Pagan [short story]

Vine Deloria, Jr.: The Indian Today: The Real and the Unreal [essay]

Louise Erdrich: Scales [short story]

Chrystos: I Have Not Signed a Treaty With the United States [poem]

Richard Rodriguez: India [essay]

Hector Calderon: Redefining the Border

Martin Espada: The Other Alamo

Kathleen Norris: The Beautiful Places

Joel Garreau: Edge City: Life on the New Frontier
and The Words: Glossary of a New Frontier

Reading Across Texts

Synthesis Assignments

Extending the Context

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