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Axel Z. Anderson

Clicking on a paper's title will download the paper (if available).  Clicking on Matching, Search, or Dynamic Games will take you to a summary of my papers in that area.

1. Matching [summary]

A Dynamic Generalization of Becker's Assortative Matching Result, forthcoming, the Journal of Economic Theory.

Dynamic Matching and Evolving Reputations, with Lones Smith, the Review of Economic Studies, 77(1): 3-29 (2010).

Iron Sharpens Iron: Rethinking Dynamic Matching Theory, with Lones Smith, in progress.

 Robust Comparative Statics in Matching Models, with Lones Smith, in progress.


2. Search [summary]

Search by Committee, with James Albrecht and Susan Vroman, the Journal of Economic Theory, 145(4): 1386-1407 (2010).

Opportunistic Matching in the Housing Market, with James Albrecht, Eric Smith, and Susan Vroman,
International Economic Review, 48(2): 641-664 (2007).


3. Dynamic Games [summary]

Dynamic Deception, with Lones Smith, forthcoming American Economic Review.

Go for Broke or Play it Safe? Dynamic Competition with Choice of Variance, with Luis Cabral, RAND Journal of Economics, 38(3): 593-609 (2007).

Rushes in Large Timing Games, with Andreas Park and Lones Smith, working paper.

Predicting Play in Dynamic Competitive Games, with Lones Smith, working paper.


4. Other

The Financial Oversight Multiplier, with Lones Smith, in progress.

Geometric Asymptotic Approximation of Value Functions,  B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Contributions), 9(1) Article 42 (2009).







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