Top 10 Student Course Evaluations, 2014

1. I don't want anything to do with Econ again in my life.

2. You will be distracted by his constant use of magnetic eye glasses, wondering "the following": A) Why you've never seen anything of their kind before and B) How Levinson makes the decision to either put it on his forehead or around his neck.

3. Microeconomics puts me in a dark spiral of hopelessness and rage, so I'm a bit miffed.

4. A haiku about Microeconomics:

Learned it in High School
So I won't pay attention...
*#&%, that test was hard.

5. Levinson tries hard to make econ fun and interesting. It doesn't always work.

6. While it's in kind of a dorky-teacher way, he's pretty funny.

7. is present for office hours.

8. I'm glad Mr. Levinson took time off from hosting Cash Cab to teach this class

9. Runs his lectures like it's his job.

10. The only thing worse than his ability to draw straight lines is his handwriting.