Top 10 Student Course Evaluations, 2013

  1. I'd rather eat Leo's for the rest of my life than take Econ ever again.
  2. On the plus side the naps I got in his class meant I never fell asleep in the IR lecture that followed.
  3. He kinda reminds me of Megamind, except not blue.
  4. Sometimes I think Levinson got a little too caught up in the real application of Economics in the everyday world.
  5. This class is deceptively interesting.
  6. I am not sure if he is really funny or pretends to be.
  7. I always forgot my iclicker, but when I did bring it, I normally got the questions wrong.
  8. I walked passed him in front of Healy once, so I naturally said "hi." Then I realized, he doesn't even know me! Even still, he said hi back and didn't look that creeped out!
  9. Professor Levinson's glasses serve many purposes, but improving his eyesight does not seem to be one of them.
  10. I still have no idea how to pronounce his first name.